Communication Skills

Effective communication helps us better understand a person or situation, enables us to resolve differences, build trust and respect, and create environments where creative ideas, problem solving, affection and caring can flourish. As simple as communication seems, many of us experience difficulties connecting successfully with others. Much of what we try to communicate—and others try to communicate to us—gets overlooked or misunderstood which can cause conflict and frustration in both personal and professional relationships. Effective communication can be learned. The more effort and practice you put in, the more instinctive and spontaneous your communication skills will become.

Therapy can help with effective communication skills:

Listening: not just understanding the words or the information being communicated, but also understanding how the speaker feels about what they are communicating.

Nonverbal communication: When we communicate things that we care about, oftentimes we do so using nonverbal signals. Wordless communication or body language includes facial expressions, body movement and gestures, eye contact and posture. The way you look, listen, move and react to another person tells them more about how you're feeling than words ever can. A therapist can help clients develop the ability to understand and use non-verbal communication in a way that can help you connect to others, express what you really mean, navigate challenging situations and buid better relationships at home and at work.

Managing Stress:

  • Recognize when you're becoming stressed.
  • Take a moment to calm down.
  • Take a few deep breaths and relax muscles.
  • Look for humor in the situation.
  • Be willing to compromise.
  • Agree to disagree.

Emotional Awareness :

  • Understand and empathize with what is really troubling other people:
  • Understand yourself, including what's really troubling you and what you really want.
  • Communicate clearly and effectively, even when delivering negative messages.
  • Build strong, trusting and rewarding relationships, think creatively, solve problems and resolve conflicts.
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